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Past Collaborations

I have my clients to thank for my huge success in the past years. Their lessons gave me the chance to grow into the professional I am today. Have a look at who I’ve worked with, and get in touch with any questions.

Client 8


An Outstanding Partnership

Itaka was among my first clients. We found each other when I was just starting out and we’ve maintained a good relationship since. More than just a client, they’ll always be an important inspiration in all the work I do.

Client 2


An Incredible Collaboration

This was a small project that turned out to be extremely important. Working with Hexa really set the stage for the direction I took with my career. We’ve kept in touch, and I always turn to Hexa when I’m in need of a little inspiration.

Client 3


A Dream Client

When Targo came to me with a proposal, I knew it would be a meaningful collaboration. Working with this client has given me wisdom that I’ve applied to later projects, and I couldn’t be more thankful for this opportunity.

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